Eco-friendly Face Pads Peach Floral


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Eco-friendly Face Pads PeachFloral

Handmade Eco-friendly 6 reusable face pads with matching wash bag. Face Wipes, Face Scrubbies, Zero Waste

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Eco-friendly Face Pads Peach Floral
Reusable Eco-friendly Face Pads with Matching Wash Bag.
Lovely Eco-friendly Face Pads Peach Floral. Lots of flowers on a peach background.
Cosmetic Removers, Cotton Pads with Soft Towelling, Face Wipes, Zero Waste, Eco-friendly, Face Scrubbies.
(6 washable face pads).
Face pads come in matching wash bag tied with ribbon.
These items are great for saving the environment and can be washed and used over and over again.
The pads are made from cotton and soft towelling.
They can be put into the wash bag and added to the washing machine.
Pads: 8 x 8cm
Bag Size: 19 x 15cm

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